The Phillips Project LLC

The Phillips Project LLC

This is The Phillips Project LLC, an audio production company operated and owned by Jason A Phillips. The recording services are first rate, exceptional , and superior in quality.

The Studio

The studio is a custom built studio, offering the highest quality available. The midas console and Pro Tools HD 11 are the heart of the studio.


The services are for songwriters, bands, record labels, publishing companies, and major movie companies. The prices offered are affordable and tailored to your project.


Clients such as Jack Trudel, Erin Callie, Scott L Schwartz, and Blood & Guts Pictures have all enjoyed the creative process The Phillips Project LLC provides.

Who We Are

Jason Phillips, head recording engineer and founder of The Phillips Project LLC is a graduate of Full Sail University and North West State Community College.

What We Do

The Phillips Project LLC shapes sound for both Music & Film

  • Songwriter Demos
  • Artist EP
  • Orchestral Composition
  • Film Audio Productions

What People Are Saying

This is what people are saying.

  • "You are doing a GREAT job!"

    Scott Schwartz, Changing Hands
  • "Overjoyed by your work!"

    Erin Callie, Sing/Songwriter
  • "We look forward to working with you again"

    Shane Michaels, Blood & Guts Pictures